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  A good team is very important to a company. To step into world, a professional trading team is the most important. 
  Trading team in Chanxan named"Lucky" means brings good lucky to everybody. Each people in the team owns rich trading experience and powerful professional knowledge. To make sure replies questions from customer quickly and correctly, one month training will be offered for everyone before starting. Do you think it is enough? No, each 6 months a big exam about machine knowledge offers again, salary will improve if pass the exam, or youll get punish. So everyone in Chanxan is very professional.  

Top 3 sales in Lucky

Nancy, "brain truster" in Lucky, charming smile makes her looks friendly. We like ask her for help when meet problems and it seems all problems are "no problem" for her.

Luya,"teacher" in Lucky, strong logical thought makes her works methodic. She likes share experience on trading and help us to improve ourselves. 

Becky, "pistachio" in lucky, optimistic mindset makes her happy everyday. When meet trouble, find Becky, youll forget the trouble and be happy soon. 

Well, a company without customers feedback is not a good company. Collect some questions from customers, reply here one by one. 


1. Q: Whats your advandage?

    A: 11 years experience on laser processing, complete technical and after sales system. Give you long life technical support.

2. Q: What should I tell you before buying machine?

    A: To make sure choosing most suitable machine, we need to know the material, size, thickness, working technology.

3. Q: How many years warranty offers for your machine?

    A: It depends on type of machine, normally 1-2 years.

4. Q: I want this machine, but I dont know how to use it. How can I do?

    A: Hand book and video will send to you together with machine. Our machine is easy to handle, most customer learn well from hand book and video. But if you want to learn better, we offer a free training in our factory. Or well come to your place to do training if you dont want to visit our factory. 

5.  Q: Do you have dealer in our country?

    A:  Many cities have our dealers. Pls check with our sales. Were looking for dealers all over the world now., if no dealer in your country, maybe youll be the first.