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CNC Router

Industrial steel structure as a whole, aging treatment fast, and fater removal of High Temperature Stress, ensure high precision and long life of machines

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Main Features

1. Welded structure by thick profiled steel stabilized under high temperature, ensures ,minimum distortion, excellent rigidity and powerful strength.
2. Vacuum working table optional,with double cavities and Bakelite material with high absorption power.
3. Adopt domestic water cooling spindle of big power(option:air cooling spindle) 
4. High accuracy, long service time, steady movement and good starting performance, great torque, fulfilling the advantage of working with fast speed and low noise.   Send inquiry   

Technical Parameter



X,Y,Z working area


X,Y,Z  repositioning accuracy


Max.Idling Speed


engraver speed

0-24000r/min, variable speed


By suction or clamp

Machine dimension


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Gengerally,within 10mm carbon steel could cutting with Oxygen to melt. Min plate up to 0.1mm,carbon steel with smooth kerf, clean and level, good Vertical degree. There is phosphorus, sulfur, segregation area in low carbon steel, it caused trimming of the dissolution.and the performance is stable, compared with CNC punch press, has many advantages, is your necessary jobs right-hand machine.


3D wave plate processing, solid wood doors, window processing, shoe shine machine or gamecabinets’ panels, mahjong table, furniture. Sign, logo production, acrylic cutting, advertising products, as well as artificial marble, sand, plastic, PVC pipes, wood and other non-metallic mold.  Send inquiry   

wood engraving3D wood engraving