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Large flat bed laser cutting machine

Large flat bed laser cutting machine Really useful in cutting large format garment, home fabric, leather, packing and printing material, paper products and so on

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Main Features

1. Really useful in cutting, engraving on large format
2. Adop stable working chassis, make sure the working steady and accurary   
3. Linear guide, the transportation of accurate gear to achieve high precision 
4. The synchronous movement of laser tube and laser head, shorten laser path, decrease the laser attenuation, to ensure cutting effectively and at the same time save the energy  
5. The blowing and exhaust system dispose the dust and smoke during cutting, avoid the fire then protect the material       
6. The working format can be made according to customers request.  
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Technical Parameter

Cutting area 1300*2500mm
Laser Type CO2 glass tube
Max. Travel Speed
Max. Cutting Speed
Positioning Accuracy
Repeat Accuracy 0.02mm
Cooling type Water Colling
Laser power 80W/100W/150W 
Min. Font 0.1mm
Motor type Stepper/Serve
Drive Mode linear guide
Power Supply 220±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
Continuous work time 24 hours
Machine Weight 600KGS
DemensionL*W*H 3000mm*1600mm*1050mm

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process area:1300*2500mm
Water cooling system:CW-3000,CW-5000,CW-5200
blade plate working table
Exhaust fan 1 pcs.
Air pump 1pcs.
3pcs reflector lens and 1pcs focus lens.
Software in english
English Manual;
Installation and operation 
plywood package


Suitable to the large format cutting/engraving of acrylic, plexiglass, stencil, rubber, plastics, synthetic material, decoration, architecture, furniture, wood and bamboo products, PC/PVC/PP, sound absorbed panel,large format garment, home fabric, leather, packing and printing material, paper products.  Send inquiry   

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