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Four heads laser cutting machine

4 heads laser cutting machine, mostly used for fabric and garment cutting. One head or 4 heads cutting together is under control.

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Main Features

Energy saving, environmental protection, with a third generation of highly intelligent control system, automatic control, high precision positioning, forming edges smooth, compared with the traditional process, the product more attractive beautiful, more efficient, more economical material, as the laser in the process of cutting, carving, no contact with the surface to ensure that every product is the highest quality, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises! Send inquiry   

Technical Parameter

Model CW-1610TT CW-1610TTF
Cutting Area 1600*1000mm 1600*1000mm
Laser Type CO2 glass tube
Max. Travel Speed 1000mm/s
Max. Cutting Speed 800mm/s
Positioning Accuracy 0.03mm
Repeat Accuracy 0.02mm
Cooling type Water cooling
Laser power 60W/80W/100W
Min. Font 0.1mm
Motor type Stepper/Serve
Drive Mode linear guide
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Continuous work time 24 hours
Machine Weight 350KG
DemensionL*W*H 2250mm*1650*1130mm 2250mm*1650*1130mm



process area:1600*1000mm
Water cooling system:CW-3000,CW-5000,CW-5200
honycomb  work table/auto feeding work table
Exhaust fan 4 pcs.
Air pump 4pcs.
12pcs reflector lens and 4pcs focus lens.
Software in english
English Manual;
Installation and operation 
plywood package


The equipment is mainly applied to cutting of ready-to-wear in garment industry,clothing cut pieces,clothing punching,cutting of leather products,cutting of wedding dress material,hot cutting,carving,engraving of various textile. send inquiry