Non-dust cloth cutting

date:2015-07-07  Source:admin  Click: 968

As a new processing way, laser cutting is high accuracy, fast, easy to handle, and automatically, mostly used in leather, textile & garment. Compare with traditional cutting machine, laser cutting machine is cheaper, low consumption, and as no touching on product, no pressure on it, products cut by laser have a beautiful layout. Also laser cutting machine is easy to handle, save and can keep working. 
Edge of non-dust cloth won’t be yellow while cutting by laser. And any complicated shape is ok for cutting. Only needs design on the computer and upload to the machine, then you can cut anything you want with a high quality. 

In order to avoid fabric edge turns to yellow and stiff, we prefer middle speed to fit the laser. If the speed is too fast, we have to improve the laser intensity, then the edge will burns black and be stiff. If the speed is too slow, laser will be stay on the edge, this way can’t reach a good reasult, neither. Generally speak, it is hard to reach the perfect layout, especially thick cotton fabric, cutting edge always turns yellow. 

non-dust cloth