Abatvoix laser cutting machine

date:2015-07-17  Source:admin  Click: 690

  Along with cutting technology becomes more complex,limited by equipment and technology, things cut by hand and old machine are with low accuracy which effect the quality, even the benefit. 
  Based on high power with high density, easy to handle of laser, Chanxan creat CW series high speed laser cutting machine successfully. It cuts a great many of materials, smooth cutting edge, low noisy, no dust, high speed, high accuracy, less waste, high efficiency,so it is the best choice for all walks of life.     
   Abatvoix is a bord that can absorb sounds makes less noisy, mainly used in place requires high quality of sound, like cinema, music hall, museum, exhibition hall, library, interrogation room, gallery, lecture hall, multi-fuction hall, KTV, etc. Below is sample show.